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portable.h File Reference
#include "deprecated_definitions.h"
#include "portmacro.h"
#include "mpu_wrappers.h"

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Data Structures

struct  HeapRegion


#define portBYTE_ALIGNMENT_MASK   ( 0x0003 )


typedef struct HeapRegion HeapRegion_t


StackType_tpxPortInitialiseStack (StackType_t *pxTopOfStack, TaskFunction_t pxCode, void *pvParameters) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vPortDefineHeapRegions (const HeapRegion_t *const pxHeapRegions)
voidpvPortMalloc (size_t xSize) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vPortFree (void *pv) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vPortInitialiseBlocks (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
size_t xPortGetFreeHeapSize (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
size_t xPortGetMinimumEverFreeHeapSize (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
BaseType_t xPortStartScheduler (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vPortEndScheduler (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
int xPortGetCoreID (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define portBYTE_ALIGNMENT_MASK   ( 0x0003 )

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct HeapRegion HeapRegion_t

Function Documentation

void* pvPortMalloc ( size_t  xSize)
StackType_t* pxPortInitialiseStack ( StackType_t pxTopOfStack,
TaskFunction_t  pxCode,
void pvParameters 
void vPortDefineHeapRegions ( const HeapRegion_t *const  pxHeapRegions)
void vPortEndScheduler ( void  )
void vPortFree ( void pv)
void vPortInitialiseBlocks ( void  )
int xPortGetCoreID ( void  )
size_t xPortGetFreeHeapSize ( void  )
size_t xPortGetMinimumEverFreeHeapSize ( void  )
BaseType_t xPortStartScheduler ( void  )